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Quality Assurance

For the purpose of progress in every segment of ’s operation, company's management brought a resolution on implementation of quality management system, according to international standard ISO 9001:2000.

All employees are obliged to provide the services in a self-denying, quality and reliable manner. Company's policy includes constant improvement of the level of our services and constant improvement of the quality management system.

Within their possibilities, company's management will encourage professional training and constant additional education. All employees are obliged to maintain a unique quality access which includes preliminary contacts, and implementation of contractual activities till service completion.

Management will encourage and motivate the employees for education and safety during operation. Also, they are going to implement permanent and systematic activities in environmental protection.

's employees, when hired as a third party, will maintain impartiality of action in relation to other participants, free of all financial and other pressures. They will not compromise the objectivity of their decisions or their obligations towards the Purchaser. They also need to maintain total freedom to perform their job in a most appropriate way by taking into consideration professional rules, regulated standards and valid legislative regulations.

Quality management system’s documents need to be created in a way which gives employees and customers an understanding of the organization and responsibilities for achieving and assertion of service's quality.

Company d.o.o. will provide insight in control equipment and records of quality proof to make their customers see that the services provided are correct and in accordance to arranged obligations.

All interested parties have access to ’s services and there are no reasons to prevent that.